• Collagen Powder

    what is it? Our collagen powder is a supplement to help aging skin, satiety, and muscle recovery. directions: Add one scoop to any hot or cold liquid-based drink or your favorite recipe and mix up. Use daily for best results. what flavor is it? We offer 3 flavors of collagen powder: unflavored (35 cal/serving), vanilla bean (40 cal/serving), and... continue reading

  • Propranolol

    what is it? Propranolol is a Beta-blocker. This is a class of medication that is typically used to treat issues like high blood pressure, heart failure, or an irregular heartbeat. Doctors also sometimes prescribe beta-blockers for off-label use in treating the physical symptoms of performance anxiety symptoms. treatment for issues like high bloo... continue reading

  • hers biotin gummies  

    what is it? These vitamins help support thicker hair, stronger nails, & better skin. how often should i take it? Eat 2 gummies per day. what flavor is it? Watermelon mint. what is in it? Full ingredient legend: Glucose syrup, beet sugar, water, grassfed beef gelatin, ascorbic acid, vitamin e acetate, d-calcium pantothenate, folic acid trit on m... continue reading