• how do i update my blood pressure?

    To update your blood pressure, please reach out to your healthcare provider with your blood pressure reading through our secure messaging portal. You can access the messaging portal by logging in to your account at forhims.com or forhers.com. continue reading

  • how do i renew my prescription?

    If you are out of refills on your prescription, you will have been emailed a link and instructions on how to complete your follow-up visit. Please click the link and complete your visit and a provider will follow-up with you as soon as possible. This is also the time to request any adjustments you would like to be made to your dosage or prescrip... continue reading

  • can i increase my dosage?

    Requests to increase your dosage can be made during your renewal visit and only for particular prescriptions. A renewal visit is only prompted once you are out of monthly refills and need a new prescription. If you are not yet up for a renewal and would still like to discuss this, you can send a message to the doctor directly to communicate any ... continue reading

  • can i get a copy of my prescription?

    While we don't provide a physical copy of your prescription, if you would like to have your prescription sent to a different pharmacy we can definitely help! You can also request a copy of your medical records which includes a screenshot of any prescription you've received on this platform - however, this screenshot cannot be used to receive fil... continue reading

  • can I get a copy of my medical records?

    Yes, you may request a copy of your medical records and we recommend always keeping your regular primary care doctor in the loop on any new medicines you are taking including the ones that an independent provider prescribes you through the Hims or Hers platform.Just let us know via our secure messaging portal and we can prepare a full report of ... continue reading

  • can i change pharmacies?

    Transferring your prescription to a preferred pharmacy While we have chosen to work with specific pharmacies to offer customers low prices and significant convenience, we understand that you may want to receive your treatments elsewhere. If at any point you want to use an external pharmacy, just let us know and we can do that for you. Please no... continue reading