• how fast is shipping?

    Your order is usually shipped the morning after your prescription is written and arrives in a few business days. If you are located in NYC or Minneapolis and placing a Primary Care order through the Hims or Hers websites, look out for the option to select Capsule as your pharmacy option for free same-day delivery in those areas.  continue reading

  • is shipping free?

    Yep! You aren't charged for shipping. continue reading

  • why is my order being returned to sender?

    If your order is on it's way back to you, it may be that we were not able to deliver to the address we have on file. Please double check your address by logging into forhims.com or forhers.com and heading to 'account'. You can reach out to our support team to have your order re-shipped - find all the ways to contact us here!  continue reading

  • my coupon didn't work!

    If you tried to use a promo code or coupon for your first order and it didn't apply, don't worry - we'll be happy to help. Just reach out to our team and we'll make it right.  continue reading

  • what is your refund policy?

    You are free to cancel, postpone or snooze your subscription at any time, although we do ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice before your next order is set to process. We cannot guarantee refunds for any cancellation requests received after the pharmacy has processed your order.   Have any issues with your shipment? Just let us know what happene... continue reading

  • my order was lost, damaged, or missing something!

    If your order has not arrived within 5-7 business days from the day you received your tracking number or if your kit arrived but was damaged or missing an item, please reach out and let us know. Our team will do everything we can to track down your products or get a replacement out to you asap! 📦 continue reading

  • is your packaging discreet?

    Almost all hims products ship in a brown corrugated box with the word "hims" on one side. The exception to this is ED prescriptions, which ship in a discreet envelope. The name of the company is still visible on the shipping label and most will have the 'H' brand logo and website.  Most hers products ship in a small, 6x9 bubble mailer with the w... continue reading

  • what does "outstanding medical visit" mean?

    If you see 'outstanding medical visit' on your account, this means that your medical assessment has been completed, submitted, and is waiting for review or is currently being reviewed by a provider. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours after you complete your assessment for this review to take place. Once the review has been completed we'll send o... continue reading

  • why was my order switched?

    Your order may be switched in one of a few scenarios. Most often this happens if you did not complete your online assessment at the time of placing your order and we did not hear back from you, or if the provider did not recommend a prescription product. In these cases we send out all of the products you ordered (save for the prescription produc... continue reading

  • where's my order?

    For prescription orders, if it has been over 24 hrs since completing your medical assessment, please be sure you check for outstanding requests from your doctor. To do so, log into your account and look for 'action items'. Also, check and thoroughly review any messages you might have from your doctor. Instructions may be included at the end of t... continue reading

  • what is your return policy?

    We do not accept returns. This is due in part to the nature of the products and the fact that we cannot and will not reuse them if they are returned to us. But if you're not happy with the product, or you didn't get what you expected, we're happy to help and will do all we can to make things right. Just shoot us a note and let us know! continue reading

  • what shipping method do you use?

    Hims & Hers products are shipped via USPS standard first class mail or UPS, depending on the product you ordered.  continue reading

  • can you ship to a p.o. box?

    All of our products and kits can be shipped to a PO box. continue reading