• how does this work?

    First, you will complete an online questionnaire to gather info for your healthcare provider about your symptoms and medical history. We will then match you with a licensed provider who will review the information you provide and evaluate your treatment options. Your provider might follow up with questions which you can respond to using our secu... continue reading

  • who can use hers products?

    hers hair loss products (including Latisse) are only for women and recommended for patients ages 18+ hers birth control products are only for women and recommended for patients ages 18 - 50 hers sex products (such as addyi) are only for women and recommended for patients ages 18 - 55 hers skincare products are for men and women ages 18+ hers col... continue reading

  • do I need a prescription?

    Prescription products available through the hims and hers platforms cannot be purchased without a prescription.  We make the process of getting the necessary prescription for prescription products such as Birth Control or Sildenafil as convenient as possible. Our network of doctors will assess your specific needs and provide the appropriate pres... continue reading

  • will I speak with a doctor?

    Every order that requires a prescription is reviewed by a doctor to ensure you get the best and most appropriate treatment. You can ask the doctor questions anytime by using our secure messaging platform. continue reading

  • how do I sign up for a trial?

    While discounted prices are not available for all of our subscription products, promos may be available from time to time on our site or on social media, so definitely keep an eye out! Note that all of our kits and prescriptions are recurring monthly subscriptions and promotional prices usually only cover the first month. Following months will b... continue reading

  • how do i place a hims order?

    Here's what you need to get started: A form of government issued ID, valid within the last 30 days. A recent selfie (we may ask for a few other photos, depending on the product). A major credit card to make your payment (many of our products are automatic, monthly subscriptions) RX products are only available for certain US States. There are al... continue reading

  • why do you need my ID to process my order?

    A valid government ID is required when purchasing any prescription medication, as the doctor will need to verify your identity before they can determine if prescription medication is right for you. Your personal identifying information, medical history or ID will never be shared outside of our secure system.  ID is not required when purchasing o... continue reading

  • what payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards. Charges to HSA and FSA cards may be rejected by the card issuer. continue reading

  • i'm having trouble taking or uploading a picture

    If you started your visit from within Facebook, Instagram or another application, it is sometimes not possible to access the camera to take a photo for your visit. Try resuming your visit in another browser like Safari or Chrome, or on your desktop computer. If you have tried to submit your photos and it seems like nothing is happening, this can... continue reading

  • will insurance cover prescriptions for hims & hers?

    Insurance coverage varies depending on the prescription and plan. While hims & hers products will not be covered under insurance, they are available at 50-80% off retail cost, making them more affordable and accessible to consumers. continue reading

  • where is hers available?

    The Hims and Hers platform is now available to all US states!*             *Excepting Puerto Rico  continue reading

  • where is hims available?

    The Hims and Hers platform is now available to all US states!* Select Hims treatments are also available in the UK.              *Hims & Hers is not available in Puerto Rico at this time continue reading

  • who can use hims products?

    hims hair loss products are only for men and recommended for patients ages 18+ hims premature ejaculation products (sertraline) are only for men and recommended for patients ages 21+ hims erectile dysfunction products (sildenafil, stendra, viagra & tadalafil) are only for men and recommended for patients 18+ hims acne and aging products are for ... continue reading