my subscription

  • when is my next delivery?

    You can find your next processing date by heading to account > orders. Once your next order has processed, you will be able to find tracking information here as well! continue reading

  • why is my next delivery so far away?

    Your account will always display the date when your next kit is set to process. If this is your first kit and we're already getting it ready for you, your account will show the date when your second kit will be ready to ship out next month.  continue reading

  • how do i snooze, customize or cancel my next order?

      how do i adjust the refill date of my next shipment? Not quite ready for your next shipment to bill and process? Do you need your order to ship out a bit early this month? You can move your next billing date by clicking on 'Need your refill right now?', 'Change Shipping Date', or 'Snooze', no problem! If you have any issues with that, just... continue reading

  • how do i reactivate my subscription?

    You can always reactivate your subscription by logging into your account and heading to 'account' > 'subscriptions'. Just select 'reactivate' to turn your subscription back on.  If you need assistance, our support team is always happy to help.  continue reading

account settings

  • how do i update my payment information?

    This can be done in the profile section of your hims account by clicking payment methods and re-entering your card number. Note that if you have received notification that we've had trouble processing your payment, please re-enter your card info and our system will automatically retry your payment within 24 hours.  continue reading

  • how do i adjust my shipping information?

    you can change your shipping address, customize your subscription or snooze your order right from your subscriptions page! To adjust your shipping information, log in to your account and click on the menu icon on the upper right side of the page. This will bring you to the following menu:    Next click on "Account" then "Subscriptions"   Click... continue reading

  • how do i log into my account?

    From a computer: Go to or In the upper right hand corner, click on log in Enter email address & password  If you've forgotten your password, please click on "forgot password" below the log in section from a mobile device: Go to or In the upper left hand corner, click on the 3 horizontal lines Cl... continue reading

  • how do i update my credit card?

    You can update your payment information any time by logging into your account at or and head to your profile, then click on, "add a new payment method". If you are having any issues updating your payment for an existing subscription, shoot us a note.      continue reading

  • how do i reset my password?

    You can request a password reset by clicking on "login" followed by "forgot password?" From there, enter the email that you use to login to your account and click "request password reset".  You will receive a link in your email!  If you submit more than one request, only the most recent link will be active, so be sure to use the most recent emai... continue reading

  • how do i update my personal information?

    You can update your name, phone number, or email address at any time by heading to profile in your hims account and clicking edit under profile to make changes.  To change your password, scroll down to password and enter your current and new password to update.    continue reading