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physician information

  • Provider credentials

    Last Updated: January 11, 2023 Provider Name License State License Number NPI Specialty Aaron Murfin, APRN California 95019932 1821646092 NP-Adult Gerontology   Kentucky 3016675       Louisiana 224848       Nevada TEMP855565       Ohio 024678       Oregon 202208496NP-PP       Texas 1074710       Washington N361314159       W... continue reading

  • medical complaint information

      CALIFORNIA NOTICE TO CONSUMERSMedical doctors are licensed and regulated by the Medical Board of California(800) Complaints may be filed online at or submitted in hard copy form.  A Consumer Complaint Form, including instructions for completing it may be found at http://www.mb... continue reading

  • Are your clinicians licensed?

    Yes, all of our providers are licensed to practice medicine in the United States and are board-certified in various areas of specialty such as family medicine, urology, OB/GYN, and more!  Our nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants are also all licensed or certified in the states in which they provide patient care. You can find a list of ... continue reading

contact support

  • how and when can i contact support?

    Live Chat Hours: 7 days a week, from 5AM to 8PM Pacific Time. To get started, click the 'Help' button at the bottom left of your screen. On mobile, this may appear as a small button with a speech-bubble icon. Social Twitter: Hims: @askforhimsHers: @askforhers Facebook:  Hims: Instagram: Hims:... continue reading

privacy & security 🔒

  • CCPA & Privacy

    Hims & Hers never sells your personal information or data. We take your privacy very seriously.  Under California’s California Consumer Privacy Act or “CCPA”, effective as of January 1, 2020, California residents are given the right to opt out of the sale of their personal information.  While we do not sell any data of our customers, this websit... continue reading

  • are my photos and data secure and encrypted?

    We take your privacy very seriously. All your data is 256 bit SSL/TLS encrypted, and we take significant steps to keep your data secure. Please see our Privacy Policy and our Medical Partner's Privacy Policy for additional information.  continue reading

hims & hers

  • where is hims & hers available?

    Hims & Hers is available in all 50 US states!* *Please note that certain treatments are available in select states only and that our platform is not available in Puerto Rico at this time. For information on Hims UK, click here. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to let us know! We're here for you.Live Chat: Click the "He... continue reading

  • do you test on animals?

    We believe in acting responsibly and making a positive impact on the world around us. That's why we're proud to say that all of our non-prescription products are certified by PETA and leaping bunny cruelty-free. We understand the importance of protecting animals and are committed to ensuring that our products are not tested on them– we do not co... continue reading

product issues

  • how do i use my new airless pump bottle?

    how do i prime my airless pump bottle? When you first receive your airless pump bottle, pump the top a few times and your product should start dispensing normally. Since our bottles do not contain a straw it's important to note that a few empty pumps at the beginning is completely normal - some bottles may take up to 10-30 pumps if they have bee... continue reading

  • Why do my birth control pills look different?

    Pharmacies get pills from different suppliers. To try to ensure that you get your prescription in a timely manner, a pharmacy will usually go with the supplier that has product in stock at the time it is needed. Depending on the supplier of your birth control, pills may come in a different color, shape, or markings. So even though they may look... continue reading