• how can i reduce the side-effects for my skincare rx?

    ramp-up methodIt can take some time for skin to adjust to prescription skincare treatment containing tretinoin. Your provider may recommend using the treatment 2-3 nights a week for the first two weeks, then increasing the frequency of use during the following weeks as your skin adjusts. Always use prescription treatment as directed by your h... continue reading

  • how do i use my new airless pump bottle?

    what is an airless pump bottle and how does it work? It may look similar to cream dispensers you've used in the past, but under the surface the airless pump bottle design is a bit different. The biggest change is that there are no tubes or straws inside to force the cream out of the bottle. Instead, we use an airless pump delivery system, which ... continue reading


  • why do my pills look different?

    When the doctor approves your prescription, you can have that prescription fulfilled at apharmacy of your choice. Pharmacies get pills from different suppliers. To ensure that you always get your prescription on time, the pharmacy will go with the supplier that has product in stock at the time it is needed.  Depending on the supplier of the medi... continue reading


  • how do i use the delay spray?

    how do i prime my delay spray? 1. Break the front tab. 2. Push in and twist to open. (left to lock, right to open - see the directions which came with your bottle). 3. Gently shake bottle prior to use. To prime the pump, press the spray pump repeatedly until product dispenses. Remember, your bottle must be held upright to prime! That's it! how m... continue reading