mental health treatments

i placed an order, how does this work?

If you placed an order for a prescription medication or requested for a medical provider to recommend a prescription medication, after you place your requested order you will be prompted to complete a medical assessment and complete an online visit with a provider, who will recommend the best course of treatment for you. You can find more info about the independent providers accessible through our platform and care delivery here.

which medications are available through the Hims & Hers platforms?

Prescription treatment for Depression:

Prescription treatments for Depression and Anxiety:

what’s the recommended dosage?

Your healthcare provider will tell you the recommended dosage for you to take. Your provider may start you on a lower dose and increase the strength over time. Always take your medication exactly how your provider tells you to. For all questions related to your rx prescription, please consult with your provider using our secure messaging platform, or contact the pharmacy directly to speak to your pharmacist. You can find their contact information on your bottle or packs.

how do I take it?

All of the treatment options above are oral medications. Please check the information included with your prescription for instructions on how to take it.

what are the potential side effects?

Please see the above links for important safety information on each medication, including any potential side effects. If you experience any side effects while taking your medication, let your provider know by sending them a message through our platform.



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