money back guarantee terms and conditions

You are eligible to receive a full refund of the amount you paid for a 90-day supply of the products covered by the money-back guarantee (see product list below) if you satisfy the terms and conditions described below.  
Full refund of purchase price paid for first 90 days’ supply of acne cream, cleanser, and moisturizer is available for customers after using the product(s) for 60 days as directed by their healthcare provider. Refund request must be made from 60 up to 90 days after product shipment was delivered. 
The money-back guarantee also applies to the following products: 
  • Finasteride purchased through Hims
  • Prescription acne treatment purchased through Hers
  • Prescription acne treatment purchased through Hims
  • Prescription anti-aging purchased through Hims
  • Prescription anti-aging purchased through Hers
To receive a refund, you must fulfill the following requirements: 
  1. use the product for 90 days as directed by your healthcare provider*
  2. submit a refund request to the email below along with your order number any time between 90 and 180 days after your shipment was delivered
Refund requests will not be accepted 90 days before or 180 days after the shipment delivery date.
Refunds will be made to the payment method you used to make the original purchase. 
You may be asked to return any remaining product. 

Limit one refund per customer per eligible product. Returning customers who sign up through the Hims & Hers platform again are not eligible for a refund. Additional items from your order are not eligible for a refund.

*If you are experiencing side effects or have a question about how to use the product, message a healthcare provider through our platform.

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