i'm a clinician. how can i work with hims & hers?

We are actively adding clinicians for our telemedicine platform. Please see our open positions here (link= https://boards.greenhouse.io/himshers) . A recruiter will reach out to schedule a follow-up conversation after reviewing your information.Candidate Qualifications:
  • Board certification in one of the following specialties: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Gynecology, Urology, Dermatology, or Psychiatry.
  • 1-2 years minimum experience post-residency or fellowship training
  • Multiple state licenses is a plus
  • A clean malpractice history
  • MDs, DOs, and Nurse Practitioners
  • Telemedicine experience is a plus
  • Strong bilingual (English/Spanish) communication skills a plus
About Us:

Hims and Hers is focused on helping people proactively take care of their health, particularly around the things they find hard to talk about such as ED, hair loss, birth control, and performance anxiety. As a Hims and Hers clinician, you can play a critical role in helping people get easier, more affordable access to medical advice and prescriptions.Help us enable these conversations directly with you, the people they need to be talking to. In fact, only 1 in 10 guys feel comfortable talking about their looks and health with their doctor. But Hims and Hers changes that paradigm. As one patient recently wrote, “Thanks Doc - there is a certain comfort in not being face to face with someone while talking about something emasculating as ED. This experience is so much better.”
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