i have a question for my healthcare provider

If you have any questions related to your treatment or can answer yes to any of the below questions, please check in with your healthcare provider through our secure messaging portal.

  • Have you started taking any new medications?
  • Have you experienced any new allergies?
  • Have you experienced any side effects?
  • Have you been in the hospital or have you started using another pharmacy since the last fill?
  • Are you concerned that the medication is ineffective?

You can access the messaging portal by logging in to your account.

You can expect a response from your healthcare provider within 1 business day, but typically sooner. Please note that this platform is not conducted over a live chat, but you will receive an email as soon as your healthcare provider messages you.

If you would you like to speak to a pharmacist, please use the contact information included in the pharmacy information booklet sent with your order.

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