how do i use the delay spray?

how do i prime my delay spray?

1. Break the front tab.

2. Push in and twist to open. (left to lock, right to open - see the directions which came with your bottle).

3. Gently shake bottle prior to use. To prime the pump, press the spray pump repeatedly until product dispenses. Remember, your bottle must be held upright to prime!

That's it!

how many sprays should i get in each bottle?

You should get around 40 full sprays from each bottle of delay spray. 

what should i do if my bottle isn't spraying properly?

Always make sure that you are holding the bottle in an upright position - holding it at an angle may stop the down-stem inside your bottle from pumping out the liquid inside. If you find the angle a little weird, feel free to spray the product into your hands and apply it to your penis that way (just make sure you thoroughly wash your hands after application!).

my bottle feels and sounds empty... so is it?

If you just received your delay spray we can almost guarantee that it is not empty. We've noticed that a few guys have reported that their bottle sounds empty when they give it a shake. We've tested it here and can confirm that while it can sound light when you shake it, you should get about 40 full sprays as long as you make sure you are holding the bottle upright.  

how much should i use?

Please see the directions which came with your bottle for dosage instructions.



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