how do i use my new airless pump bottle?

what is an airless pump bottle and how does it work?

It may look similar to cream dispensers you've used in the past, but under the surface the airless pump bottle design is a bit different. The biggest change is that there are no tubes or straws inside to force the cream out of the bottle. Instead, we use an airless pump delivery system, which is hygienic, consistent and simple to use. Here's what it looks like: 


why use an airless pump bottle for skin cream?

There are a couple benefits to using an airless pump bottle design. 

1. It's super hygienic. This bottle design stops excess oxygen from coming into contact with the product and guards your skin cream against contaminants. Removing any internal straws from the design and instead basing the movement of the product on air intake systems and vacuums inhibits microbial growth and keeps your product fresher longer.

2. The airless pump system is reliable, dispensing product in metered quantities to ensure consistent application.

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