how do i snooze, customize or cancel my next order?


how do i adjust the refill date of my next shipment?

Not quite ready for your next shipment to bill and process? Do you need your order to ship out a bit early this month? You can move your next billing date by clicking on 'Need your refill right now?', 'Change Shipping Date', or 'Snooze', no problem! If you have any issues with that, just shoot our customer experience team a message and let us know you're looking to change your next refill date.  

how do i add or edit out products from my next shipment?

Want to add or remove items from your subscription kit? No problem! You can customize your OTC products through your account by heading to your subscription (see above) and clicking on 'Add/Remove Items'. For prescription products, please reach out to your doctor or contact our customer experience team!

how do i cancel my order or subscription?

We get it, sometimes it's not the right time or things just aren't workin' out - if you'd like to cancel your subscription for good, get in touch with our customer experience team and we'll help get that taken care of. Don't forget the great options listed above!
Have any questions about your prescription treatment, or aren't seeing the results you want? You can message your doctor anytime through your secure message portal in your account. Medical care is a click away.
**Please be sure to give us 48 hours notice before your next bill date. Refunds are not guaranteed in the event that we are not able to stop a shipment in time.

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