can i get a copy of my prescription?

While we don't provide a physical copy of your prescription, if you would like to have your prescription sent to a different pharmacy we can definitely help! If you contact your physician they may be able to transfer your prescription to a local pharmacy, or you can check your last kit for the phone number of the pharmacy which fulfilled the order, and contact them directly to have that information transferred for you. 

If you transfer your prescription to a local pharmacy, please contact customer support to cancel your subscription, otherwise you may incur additional charges. You can reach our team via phones at hims (800) 368-0038 & hers at (833) 368-6400 every day from 9am to 5pm PST, live chat from 9am to 4:30pm PST (click the 'help' bubble at the bottom right of your screen), and via email at or

For questions about refills or your prescription, you can contact your doctor any time through the secure message portal by logging into the or website and head to 'account' then click on 'messages.'

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