can i change pharmacies?

Transferring your prescription to a preferred pharmacy

While we have chosen to work with specific pharmacies to offer customers low prices and significant convenience, we understand that you may want to receive your treatments elsewhere. If at any point you want to use an external pharmacy, just let us know and we can do that for you. Please note that our skin care prescriptions cannot be transferred to another pharmacy due to being specifically formulated and compounded by the pharmacy that we work with.

Choosing to use an external pharmacy will cancel your Hims or Hers subscription for that specific treatment, and your treatment pricing may differ from the pricing that we offer.

Transferring your prescription back to Hims & Hers

If your prescription still has refills and you would like to resume receiving shipments through our platform, contact our support team and they’ll be happy to transfer the prescription back and reactivate your subscription.

Refilling your prescription

If you transferred your prescription to an external pharmacy and ran out of fills, you can renew your prescription through the Hims & Hers platform – simply get in touch with our support team and they’ll get you started by initiating another medical visit.
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