can i use hims & hers?

Certain products available through the Hims & Hers sites can only be purchased with a prescription. All prescription medication orders placed through Hims & Hers are reviewed by a medical provider, with whom patients are connected online once their order is submitted. The medical provider will evaluate the patient and determine whether a prescription is appropriate. Customers are billed only if the medical provider approves and prescribes the medication after the online consultation.

If you are interested in purchasing prescription medication through our website, you must first submit a patient intake form and consult with a provider through our platform. They will make a recommendation on if it is an appropriate treatment for you. As always, the decision to prescribe a medication is determined by each medical provider based on their clinical judgment.

Certain products are not appropriate for those who are pregnant, expecting to get pregnant, or breastfeeding. In particular, Finasteride should not be handled by pregnant women or women expecting to get pregnant.

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